The 2015 Chrysler 200 already has much to recommend it, but the latest news is its selection as a Top Safety Pick Plus. It was tough to make this list; so tough that the list declined from 140 models in 2013 to about 50 models for 2014-2015. Despite the tougher rules, the Chrysler 200 remains a top choice, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. U.S. News and World Reports echoed this safety approval when it gave the 2015 Chrysler 200 a rare 10 out of 10 in the safety category.

Making the Grade
To achieve Top Safety Pick status, the Chrysler 200 had to demonstrate its prowess in numerous real-life crash scenarios. It received good scores in major categories including moderate overlap front impact, small overlap front impact, rear impact and side impact. In addition, the 200 scored well in the categories of roof strength and head restraints. To achieve PLUS status, cars have to offer proven crash avoidance technologies. The Chrysler 200 offers everything that other car makers are offering, but in many instances, the Chrysler systems offer more. 

Crash Avoidance
The first level of defense is crash avoidance technology. The Chrysler 200 offers a whole range of features designed to keep the car out of trouble. These systems, unlike many others, go the extra mile by offering critical enhancements including automatic braking. Radar and camera attachments busily monitor the road, seeing the dangers that drivers often miss. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been studying these systems. Data shows that consumers with this important technology are avoiding wrecks. This eliminates or reduces vehicle damage and human injuries.

Collision Warnings
The Chrysler 200 offers two collision warning systems where most cars offer only one. Forward collision warning features active braking to try and stop the car if the driver doesn't react fast enough. The automatic braking feature is a class exclusive that isn't available on the 200's rivals. The low speed forward collision warning is similar, but if features a full stop system to reduce the chances of rear ending another vehicle in stop-and-go traffic. A lane departure warning comes with Lane Keep Assist. The Assist will actually tug at the wheel to prompt the driver to return to the lane. 

Eyes In The Back Of Your Head
The blind spot warning system lights up an icon when another driver is close by. This will almost eliminate the chances that the Chrysler 200 driver will sideswipe another vehicle. Basically, the car sees what the driver cannot and ensures that the driver is aware of any car that is too close for safe lane changes. In a similar fashion, the rear cross path alert watches for oncoming side traffic as the 200 moves in reverse. This can help avoid dangerous situations caused by fast-moving traffic that the driver can’t see. 

Electronic Stability
These days all cars feature some form of electronic stability controls. These systems regulate speed, braking and brake distribution in an attempt to ensure greater traction and balance. The Chrysler 200 takes this a step further with its unique four channel system. This multi-stage Electronic Stability Control allows the driver to ask for more help. This is designed to ensure directional control in more situations. It better addresses common stability concerns that result from such factors as performance demands and adverse road conditions. Speed control helps regulate the throttle, if the car senses that the vehicle is moving too fast for conditions. Brake Assist technology will bolster power when the car detects emergency braking is needed. Advanced Brake Assist is added when radar and camera crash avoidance technologies are on board.

Crash Protections
The 2015 Chrysler 200 packs eight airbags. This includes the typical six plus two knee bolster airbags for the vulnerable driver and front seat passenger. Airbags are designed to react appropriately in accidents, deploying in stages to reduce possible airbag injuries and to ensure enough inflation to do the job that is required. The LATCH system ensures that baby seats and child car seats will stay in place during a crash situation or emergency stop. A 911 button can summon help in the event of an accident.

Safety Extras
In addition to the many features that were evaluated by the Insurance Institute, the Chrysler 200 offers safer headlights, safer windshield wipers, safer parking and safer cruising. Automatic High Beam Control, which comes with the SafetyTec package, will react for the driver, raising and lowering the brightness. This helps both the Chrysler 200 driver and oncoming traffic, and it has been shown in preliminary testing by the Insurance Institute to be effective at reducing nighttime dangers. Rain-sense wipers let drivers concentrate on the road because these smart wipers know when they are needed. Parking has never been easier with all that the Chrysler 200 has to offer. There’s the rearview camera with a high resolution picture and gridlines. Then there is a parallel and perpendicular park assist that guides drivers safely into a parking space; these takes the guesswork out of tricky maneuvers, leaving the car scratch-free and the driver's life less stressful. Last but not least, the Chrysler 200 offers Active Cruise Control. This includes a full stop feature that makes this system more like a co-pilot than ever before.

Additional Peace of Mind

To give Chrysler 200 drivers even more peace of mind, Chrysler offers free roadside assistance for the first 60 months or 100,000 miles. This ensures that 200 drivers can get help faster, getting them off the side of the road and out of harm's way. 

If you crave safety as much as speed, luxury and dash tech, check out the 2015 Chrysler 200, an Insurance Industry Top Safety Pick Plus. 


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