Ways to Expedite your Car Insurance Claims


Expediting your car insurance claims is a necessity when you need your car to live your life. You know that you must give up your car to get it repaired, but there is no way for you get your car back quickly if you are not taking steps to expedite the repair process. Direct repair facilities play into this greatly, and you need to do your homework when it is time to get your car fixed.

What Is Direct Repair?
A direct repair facility is affiliated with an insurance company. When you are taking your car to a direct repair facility, they communicate with your insurance directly. They know how much they are supposed to charge you for your deductible, and they understand how much the insurance company is going to pay for repairs. You do not have to get between your car and the insurance company during the repair. You get to go to a place that has all the information you need. The expectation is that you drop off your car for a repair, and everyone else handles your car insurance claims.

Choosing Direct Repair Facilities
Make sure to ask your insurance company which direct repair facilities they work with. Make it easier on yourself by taking your car to a direct repair facility that is closest to your home. That way, any future repairs can be taken care of at the same facility.
 If you can take your car to the dealership that sold you the car, you will get the work done even more quickly. 

Pick Up
When you are sending your car to a direct repair facility, they will send a tow truck, accept your tow truck or let you drive in. They will bring your car on the lot, secure it and contact you when the repairs are done.

Customer Service
When you are in need of a ride back to the dealership, the dealership can pick you up or bring your car to you. You do not have to worry about finding a way to come pick up your car, and you will be given an update when your car is repaired. The direct repair facility will also be able to provide you with a rental car on their site. 

The pricing for a direct repair facility is set by the insurance company. If you are supposed to pay for part of your repair, you are paying a price that has been capped by the insurance company. You will always get genuine parts put on your car; you do not need to wonder what a mechanic is using on your car.

When you go to a direct repair facility, you will be able to pay the insurance company their deductible directly. The insurance company can answer any questions about your policy, and you will leave the repair facility in confidence, knowing your car is being taken care of by professionals, at a price you can afford. 

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