The 2015 Chrysler 200 comes with a wide range of features that can be personalized for comfort and convenience. Imbedded in the center dashboard is an 8.4 inch touchscreen that is easily accessed by both the driver and the passenger. This touchscreen is powered by Uconnect 5.0 and it contains all of the 2015 Chrysler 200's custom features.

The main menu running along the bottom of the touchscreen already shows a variety of options such as Radio, Controls, Climate, and Navigation. By choosing Controls, you can see a few buttons that will heat and ventilate the driver and passenger seats, heat the steering wheel, and adjust the rear-view mirror for day or night driving.

Tapping the Settings button after accessing Controls will cause a separate menu to appear for further customization. From here, you can change how the vehicle behaves to meet your preferences. These options include Display, Clock, Safety & Driving Assistance, Lights, Doors & Locks, and Engine Off Options. In this article, we'll focus on the more prominent features that not only make life easier, but also safer.

The Safety & Driving Assistance option is aptly named. The first few items in the proceeding list demonstrate Chrysler's attention to detail for road safety. Forward Collision Warning will utilize audio and visual cues to alert the driver of an approaching threat of collision.

Forward Collision Warning Active Brakes can also be toggled. This will apply the brakes in the case of an imminent collision to alert the driver and help mitigate the force of impact.

Lane Departure Warning system and Lane Keep Assist work in tandem as LaneSense to ensure that the vehicle does not accidentally drift into other lanes. This is generally a must have for long road trips or late night endeavors.

One of the more impressive additions to the 2015 Chrysler 200 custom features is ParkSense. Utilizing cameras and a little bit of LaneSense, ParkSense is not only able to assist's the driver's efforts to park, but also park itself! Both standard parking and parallel parking can be carried out automatically. All the driver has to do is change gears between Drive and Reverse.

The next category in Settings is labelled Lights. Making changes here will affect how your headlights behave in different situations. For example, when placing a checkmark beside the Headlights with Wipers feature, the car's headlights will turn on 10 seconds after activating the windshield wipers. This is particularly useful for both safety and legalities.

Headlights also come with some notable features, which can be seen by tapping Lights under Settings. Headlight Off Delay is a useful characteristic for dark walkways up to the front door. The headlights will remain on for a designated amount of time after the vehicle has been turned off.

The headlights can also be programmed to light up as you approach. Simply select the amount of time you wish for them to stay lit. Not only does this create a safe source of light in a dark area, but it may also come in handy when trying to remember the last place you parked.

In addition, the 2015 Chrysler 200 has sensors built into the car that detect dim light and will automatically turn on the headlights when the road is not sufficiently lit. The sensors also detect bright light. So when you're driving on a dark, unfamiliar road with your brights on, they will dim when they spot an oncoming car, therefore allowing you to use your brights without sacrificing the safety of others. This is labeled as Auto Dim High Beams and is counted among the many 2015 Chrysler 200 custom features.

Next, we'll talk about the settings category, Doors & Locks. While it may seem a mild inconvenience, locking and unlocking car doors can easily fall into the blur of everyday routine and even a small mistake may suddenly put people or possessions in danger. By default, the 2015 Chrysler 200 will chirp when using the key fob to lock its doors.

However, your sleeping neighbors would appreciate the thought if you disabled the chirp when arriving late at night. Under Doors & Locks, you can decide if the chirp happens the first press of the button, the second, or not at all. The headlights flashing to acknowledge the command can also be disabled under the same category.

The key fob has a similar feature to unlock the vehicle. With the bar labeled 1st Press of Key Fob Unlocks, you can choose to have the driver's side door or all of the vehicle's doors to be unlocked with the first key press of the key fob. If the driver's side door is selected with this feature, the other doors can still unlock with a second press.

Auto Unlock on Exit is another one of the 2015 Chrysler 200 custom features that will unlock all four doors of the vehicle when the driver's side door is opened. This makes it easier to access the rear doors for groceries or children and your passengers will come to appreciate it as well.

The 2015 Chrysler 200 also comes with some features not found in the Uconnect touchscreen. One of these is Remote Start. Remote Start means that you can start up the car from anywhere within the range of 300 feet (91 meters) from the vehicle. This proves especially useful for those early mornings and winter commutes.

Depending on the temperature, remotely starting the vehicle will cause it to begin warming the interior, seats, and steering wheel. The vehicle will respond to your command with a chirp as well, but this can be disabled under Doors & Locks in the Settings menu.

ParkSense is not activated by the touchscreen menus. Instead, there is a button just below and left of the screen. Pressing this button and slowly driving past the desired parking spot will supply the vehicle with the necessary information to successfully park automatically.

These are just some of the 2015 Chrysler 200's custom features. With so many programmable features, it's little wonder why some people consider modern vehicles to be more like personalized computers. For additional information, view Chrysler 200 How to Videos here.

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