The Charger's muscular styling, bad-boy attitude and unique features have challenged the family-sedan status quo since first entering the market in 2006. In the time since, we have seen very little changes made to the exterior; however, this year two models will give new life to the Charger.

In the form of the Scat Pack and Hell Cat Variants, people will find a Dodge Charger that will meet their wants and their budget. Aside from that, these two models have a number of features that will help Dodge get back its rightful place in the sun while providing people with hours of fun driving experience.

Cool Exterior
Both the Hellcat and the Scat Pack have a front fascia that got extensive changes with both the bumper and the grill getting replaced by bespoke units. Aside from that, both of them have a brand new hood that contributes to their already menacing appearance.

The trademark cross-hair grille was ditched in favor of a simple layout and an integrated splitter. The reshaped front bumper also carries a trapezoidal inlet that features a similar grille along with a much larger side intake that no longer includes LED daytime running lights.

Both of them also have an integrated splitter that optimizes airflow to the engine while improving the vehicle's aerodynamics. However, when viewed from the side, people will notice some differences. This is one of the ways these variants provide additional options for people who are looking for the Charger that can help them make a unique statement.

The Charger Scat Pack can be distinguished by ten-spoke, 20-inch wheels wrapped in high-performance Pirelli tires and flared side rails. On the other hand, the Hellcat stands out with its Supercharged badge and tire rims that come in either optional Brass Monkey or Matte Black finishes.

Around the back, the Charger Hellcat stands out through its side bumper inlets, four-inch round exhaust tips and trunk-lid spoiler. However, the Scat Pack has a rear fascia that is more subdued and contains a couple of side vents.

Great Interiors
Another reason why people will surely like these variants of the 2015 Dodge Charger is that both of them have a great interior. The newly redesigned interior has become sportier and is enhanced by a number of features. Both of them include a flat-bottom performance steering wheel that replaces the standard unit.

The steering wheel has buttons that control the TFT display. What is even better about this is that people can see what button they should press as they are illuminated and larger. Aside from that, the buttons for the UConnect system have been moved along the bottom edge of the horizontal spikes.

The new steering wheel also features a 360-degree heat element. Aside from that, the seats have been redesigned for comfort and cushioning. However, only the high performance seats for the Hellcat come with standard ventilation and heating. A Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen display is present on the Hellcat while a seven-inch DID screen is present in the Scat Pack.

Both of them have FM, AM and Sirius XM Radio and Bluetooth connectivity along with a 276-watt amplifier on the Scat Pack and a 900-watt audio system on the Hellcat. Both of these variants have ParkSense rear park assist and ParkView backup camera.

People who own the Scat Pack will also benefit from the Dodge Performance Pages app. This enables them to control a wide range of vehicle settings such as transmission response, traction controls, stability and steering feel.

Drive Train
Making the Dodge Charger Hellcat the most powerful, fastest and quickest car on the market is the same supercharged HEMI 6.2 liter V-8 engine. This sends 650 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels and enables this vehicle to return some staggering performance figures. It also has 707 horsepower enabling the Hellcat to roar from zero to 60 miles per hour in only 3.7 seconds.

The Hellcat is also impressive on the drag strip where it will blast through the quarter mile in only eleven seconds with ease. Five driving modes are available with the Hellcat. The default mode activates automatically when the car is started while the Eco function maximizes fuel economy with second-gear starts, pedal maps and revised shifting.

On the other hand, the Custom mode allows the driver to personalize the performance of their vehicle. The Track, meanwhile, enables the Charger Hellcat to work to its fullest potential, and the Sport function delivers increases performance from the Default mode.

The Hellcat also has two standard key fobs. The black key limits engine revolution to 4,000 rpm, disables the first gear and reduces output to 500 horses. Drive mode functions and launch control are disabled while ESC is turned to full-on.

On the other hand, the red key is attached to the only fob that can unlock the sedan's 707 horsepower. Meanwhile, the Scat Pack comes with a tried and tested HEMI 6.4 V8 engine. Revised for 2015, this engine generates 475 pounds of torque and 485 horsepower.

This is enough to return mid-12-second quarter-mile runs and mid-four-second zero-to-60 mile per hour times. The engine perfectly combines with the vehicle's brand new eight-speed TorqueFlight automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

There is, however, one unique feature on the Scat Pack's drivetrain, and this is in the form of an electronically controlled active exhaust system. This feature provides owners with a throaty and deep exhaust note that makes the Scat Pack model stand apart from its R/T badged and standard Charger siblings.

Suspension and Braking System

Both variants have a fully independent, high-performance suspension with driver detectable settings. The Hellcat has a set of monster-sized 15.4 inch two-piece rotors that work with six-piston calipers as the braking system while the Scat Pack only has four-piston Brembo calipers. Both of them have high performance Bilstein shock absorbers that are highly damped and provide a firm ride that maintains the feel for everyday commuting while being able to meet more challenging situations.

The Charger Scat Pack starts at about $40,000 and is quite a good deal considering the numerous updates included in the package. The Hellcat package has a price tag of $64,000.

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