Chrysler Making Fixes to the Jeep 9-Speed Automatic Transmission

The Jeep 9-speed automatic transmission used in several Jeep vehicles is receiving an update due to complaints of rough shifting. Jeep products that were produced prior to May 5, 2014 will be getting a software update, which is intended to correct the shifting problem in the Jeep models with the 9-speed transmission. Rough shifting has been an intermittent problem in some four cylinder and six cylinder Cherokee models with this transmission. Chrysler has responded in a timely manner to the issue, addressing the updates and releasing two technical service bulletins concerning the problem.

This is the first 9-speed automatic transmission ever been produced; the maker of the transmission, ZF, began production of the unit in 2013. The transmissions were developed with the capability to be used in two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and hybrid configurations and their development has added higher mileage capability to the vehicles in which they are placed. The issues that have developed in the transmissions used in Jeeps line of vehicles is not a mechanical issue, but a software issue. The software correction addresses over 100,000 Jeep Cherokees. These corrections are for transmission's that were built prior to May 5, 2014. The software update should correct any problems that have been found with the units. 

The correction requires a visit to your local Jeep dealer where they will conduct a software update. Since the transmission actually learns your driving habits, the technical service bulletin suggests that technicians perform an "adaptive drive learn" of the vehicle to ensure that the problem has been corrected. The test drive will take less than two hours to perform. There are a great deal of technical issues to overcome with a transmission that is as complex as the new 9-speed automatic and working out the kinks has taken a bit of time, but Chrysler is headed in the right direction with this fix. Not all Cherokees require this update; however, it is covered under customer's warranty. So if you have any question regarding the update, consult your local dealership to verify if you need to have this fix taken care of.

New products often have issues after development and Chrysler is on top of this problem and making sure that their customer's complaints are addressed. The transmission is slated to be part of the package in the 2015 Jeep Renegade, and is being used in the new Chrysler 200 automobiles. Chrysler's attention to this issue should give Jeep owners the peace of mind that they are taking care of business and not sweeping the problem under the rug. The 9-speed automatic transmission is a great addition to the Jeep line up and its success will be beneficial to everyone who purchases a Jeep. 

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