It's official; the Ram ProMaster City van will be added to the commercial lineup for 2015. The announcement was recently made by Ram, and the move is designed to increase the diversity and range of the vehicles that are offered in their commercial lineup. Adding the ProMaster will increase the number of commercial trucks or vans to seven. The vehicle has actually been in the works for a number of years; however, this is the first occasion in which a time frame has been indicated.


The new ProMaster helps Ram further expand their commercial truck lineup, which includes everything from pickups to vans and Class Four and Five trucks. According to Ram Truck President and CEO, Reid Bigland, the company will become increasingly aggressive in expanding what they offer in their commercial lineup as they gain a larger share of the market


Available Configurations

The 2015 Ram ProMaster City is significantly smaller than the 2014 Ram ProMaster. In fact, the van will be smaller than the Caravan-based C/V Tradesman. The design is said to be based on the small frame of the Fiat Doblo, which has proven to be extremely popular on the international market, with more than 1.3 million units sold. All of the specs and details are still rather scarce; however, experts suspect that this new Ram will function as a versatile platform for the new Ram.


The ProMaster is actually the second van that Chrysler has introduced that is based off of an existing Fiat design. Earlier this year, the automaker started producing the larger Ram ProMaster, which is based on the Fiat DucatoOverseas, the new commercial hauler is available in a staggering number of setups, including the standard Doblo - which is also available in an extended version - a larger Doblo Cargo Maxi Van, a flatbed version, and as many as 33 more configurations.


The Aesthetic Appeal

According to Chrysler, the new ProMaster City will take its visual cues from existing Ram trucks, offering the visual appeal that is becoming increasingly familiar to Ram fans. In addition to maintaining a familiar aesthetic appearance, the truck will offer power train options and functional features that will appease the American market.


Cargo Capacity

The cargo capacity of the new Ram ProMaster is quite impressive. The standard version comes in at slightly over 120 cubic feet of cargo space, while the extended-wheelbase model offers as much as 177 cubic feet of cargo space. For those who like comparisons, the C/V Tradesman offers 155.5 cubic feet and the Ford Transit Connect offers 129.6 cubic feet of cargo space.


Although all of the details, as far as specs and pricing are concerned, are being kept hush-hush, what is known is that the van promises to be aesthetically appealing and highly functional. It will be designed and marketed to compete with the Ford Transit Connect, and it will favor fuel efficiency at a time when energy consumption is a hot button on a number of fronts.

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