Automobiles can be considered very practical products. They are often treated like commodities to be bought, sold, traded or trashed. However, they also signify so much more. The car in the minds of Americans is a symbol of personal freedom and a statement of the owner's style and tastes. Automotive dealers who understand the unique relationship people hold with their cars are a rare breed. A dealer who understands and shares in this American love for cars will help buyers find the right vehicle for the customer instead of simply moving product off the lot. They will make an ongoing relationship rather than a sale. 

Bill Golling, President at Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, understands the love people have for their cars because he shares in their love for automobiles. Bill Golling is the son of a car dealer and was born in Detroit, the center of automotive manufacturing. He grew up around many people who built cars and sold cars their entire lives. He began working at his father's dealership at only 15 years of age by helping out wherever he could. In his time at the dealership, Bill Golling has worked as nearly every position available, including sweeping floors, managing expenses, and creating sales. He has continued his father's dealership which has now been open for over 40 years. Bill's life experiences have prepared him for his current position as the President of the Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

Bill Golling's interest in cars extends well beyond his work day. He enjoys using his time off to visit antique and classic auto shows. Many of these classic and antique cars were pinnacles in design and technology in their day. They are a sight to behold and are especially meaningful to those who intimately understand automobiles. Furthermore, these historic cars represent the first moments of a revolutionary period of increasing freedom in American history. Bill Golling understands that the personal independence we all cherish is in great deal possible now because of the advent and proliferation of cars like these antique and classic cars. 

Despite the successes of the past 50 years of cars, the automotive industry has undergone major changes in the past decade. Increases in oil demand and prices along with a great recession have drastically changed what buyers expect from their cars and their car dealers. Bill Golling understands that in times like these reputation means more than ever. He has built his reputation on commitment to his customers and making sure that his focus remains their best interest. This includes greater focus on fuel economy, safety, and connectivity. As such, Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has introduced a new studio for Fiat. Bill Golling's eldest son, following in his father's footsteps, is the director of this new studio. Regardless of changes in the market and buyer's preferences, Bill Golling remains focused on providing his customers with an exceptional buying experience and finding the right car for the customer's needs.

Automobiles and the automobile industry are an essential part of the local, national and even global economy. In addition, the automotive industry has been integral to the American dream for half a century. Bill Golling has built his life in this industry. He is dedicated to improving the industry and providing opportunities to others passionate about automobiles. He, as part of the dealership, serves as Trustee of the Michigan Auto Dealers Fund (a workman's compensation fund provider) and is a member of the Detroit and Michigan Automobile Dealers Associations. These organizations strive to ensure the well-being of the automotive industry and the people who work hard to make it successful.

Bill Golling's love for cars is not solely a fascination with mechanical ingenuity or sublime design. Rather, his passion for cars is more thorough. It began in his youth growing up inside a world inundated by cars, it persisted and strengthened through his career at the family dealership, and it grows with new challenges and opportunities in the industry. He recognizes the indelible effect cars have on America's cultural and economic past, present and future. He sees the necessity of a thriving automotive industry for the many who dedicate their lives to developing and selling cars. Bill Golling understands the emotional connection owners have with their vehicles in which they and their famlies will spend so many hours of their lives. Bill Golling's passion for cars is truly a byproduct of his commitment to his family, his coworkers, and most importantly to his customers. 

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