In the enormously competitive world of new and used car marketing, there are two important decision elements that all car buyers consider. First is deciding upon a brand, and the model of vehicle they are seeking. Factors such as cost, past experience, performance ratings, styling, size, economy and even perceived prestige may affect the decision to purchase a particular model. With much of this information available on the internet or through other investigation, the decision may be made before the consumer ever leaves his home.

The second element is far more personal. Choosing a dealership to work with is a very important decision in the car-buying experience and the deciding factors are usually more subtle. While the brand choice may steer customers to a certain dealers in the area, attributes including reputation, perceived sales pressure, appearance of the facility, available inventory, and proximity may bring the prospective buyers into the showroom... or steer them away.

A well-established reputation for honesty, fairness, and professionalism from collective past experiences are critical elements. Building that solid customer and community image daily is what Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Bloomfield Hills is all about. Repeat business and customer referrals are the "lifeblood" of any business, but singularly difficult to achieve in the automobile business. One reason is that an individual’s automobile or truck purchases may only occur every few years on average and good experiences tend to be forgotten long before the bad experiences. While there are many ways to ruin a business reputation, there are as many ways to enhance it. 

Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has always recognized that reputation building is a long-term and never-ending process. The Golling dealership first opened in 1983, a fact that by itself is a testimony to the commitment, resilience and professionalism of the company; with a mission statement that highlights an earnest effort to "build and maintain lifetime relationships." 

Located in a relatively small community, Golling employees in every department are charged with finding ways to creatively make all customer interaction a positive experience. The process may begin as soon as the potential customer walks through the door and it continues through the vehicle selection process, finance solution discussions, auto detailing and delivery, and the full orientation of the vehicle, including training on the innovative electronics. Customer support continues long after driving away through conscientious follow-up and service activity.

Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram strives to focus their employees and processes to provide the best possible customer experience in all phases of their business. Whether one is simply shopping for a replacement car or truck or have already made a choice from the large selection on the lot, sales and financial support personnel are poised to ease the process. One program, Drive in 55, actually targets streamlining the process from car selection to drive-away in just fifty-five minutes. While this speed-of-light event is highly desirable for some customers, for others it should be noted that one of the company motto's is "We take as much time as you need. We treat our customers like family."

What happens next? Once the warm glow of initial ownership begins to subside, the Service Department has to maintain the same open and honest interaction as the sales personnel. "What needs to be worked on?", "what will it cost?", and "when will my vehicle be ready?" are the three questions for which customer requires honest, direct and extremely reliable responses. Extensive training and low turnover contribute significantly to Golling's excellent retention record and reputation.

Employees of Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram know that just one slip-up or poorly-handled incident may do irreparable harm to a customer relationship and, therefore, the company's reputation. That one customer (and family, possibly) may choose another dealer in the future and, even more detrimentally, actively or casually drop unfavorable comments. Delivering excellent and timely performance are reasons why Golling core values include customer satisfaction and long-term relationships, honesty, full-disclosure, fairness, plain talk and expertise, teamwork, and continuous improvement.

One equally important element of the Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram's value proposition is community involvement. Though this is formally listed as a company value, employees at all levels relinquish much of their own free time to coach youth sports and to help with many and various community activities. These employees do not participate because the Company expects or mandates it, but they do so because, as citizens and residents, they have genuinely and quietly chosen to help improve their community. 

Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram itself is a major contributor to many charitable activities, embracing the idea of "giving back" to the community as a debt to be repaid and as a responsible corporate citizen. 

But, in the final analysis, it is the management and employees who make the difference. From the top down, a sincere desire to serve the customer in the best way possible is the most important element. Corporate vision, missions, action plans, metrics and endless "drilling down" do not create a successful company by themselves. The people do.

In a clip from the Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram website, Bill Golling himself, after fifty years in the industry, makes two very important and simple statements: "I love cars" and "I try to walk in the other person's shoes." 

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